DIY Project 4

Hello Readers!

I am back with a new DIY project and this time it is a baking project. Easter was a couple of Sundays ago and I made some really cute treats to share with my family for the holiday. Anyways, I went on Pinterest and found a treat and I was very happy with how they turned out. So today I’m going to share with you how to make Oreo bunnies and chicks!

So the ingredients I used were:

1 package of vanilla almond bark

1 package of big marshmallows

food coloring (yellow)

M&Ms (pastel colors)

1 package of Oreos

So to make these delicious treats first you’ll want to wash your hands (of course) and start melting your almond bark. I used vanilla, but you could also use white chocolate. I melted my almond bark by putting it in to the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds (you’ll want to follow the directions for your brand). I put in 3 blocks at a time because if you heat all of it up at the same time, the bark you are not using at the moment will harden. You might think if it hardens, I’ll just reheat it! Well the problem with that is if you heat it to many times it will start to caramelize and burn. So don’t do this! 😉 If you don’t want to heat up your bark in the microwave you could heat it on your stove. Just follow the directs on your package and you’ll be good, but I still recommend not heating it all up at once. After it is done melting you are going to put your oreos in the bark. You want to make sure they are completely covered and when they are put them on a plate. (It helps to use a spoon to transport your oreos) When your oreo is on the plate you are going to get your marshmallows out and cut them in half. Then you are going to put the halves on the oreo to make the ears. Then you can get out the pastel M&Ms and make eyes and a nose.  When doing these steps you need to do this quickly to make sure the bark doesn’t harden before the marshmallows and M&Ms are put on. You repeat this process until you make as many bunnies as you want.

For the chicks:

To make the chicks you do almost the exact same process above but you use yellow food coloring to color the almond bark. You dip the oreos and put them on a plate like the other recipe, but  you don’t make ears. This time you make a beak. There are several ways you can make a beak (ex. orange air heads, jellybeans,etc) , but I used the marshmallows. I took the marshmallows and put a drop of  yellow food coloring on them and rub it around. Since it is a small surface the yellow food coloring comes out as a bright orange color. After it was orange I cut the marshmallow in to beak shapes and put it on the oreos along with my M&Ms.

I highly recommend the treats because they were fun to make and very delicious. If you want to see the website I used to help me make these, I will put the link below. However, I did not do it the exact same way the website does. Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this diy!



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