DIY Projects – Project 3

Hello! Today I am back with a new diy project. Over the weekend I was on Pinterest and I found this really cool diy project. It is a headphone holder that you can clip on to your bag and it is really cute! It keeps your headphones from getting all tangled up in your bag and it can keep you from losing them. I use my headphones a lot so I found this diy very helpful. So if you want to learn how to make this, continue reading.

So for your supplies you are going to need:

  • an Ice Breakers mint container
  • a small clip (like one that is used for key chains)
  • a key chain ring
  • paper with a pattern you like
  • glue (preferably Mod Podge)
  • a drill

So first you want to get an Icebreakers mint container and put all the mints in a new container, or eat them all (either one works (: ) Next you want to take the stickers off of the container. The sticker on the top is pretty easy to get off, but the back is kind of tricky. I just kept pealing it off with my finger nails until I got it off. After I got it off, I used hot soap and water to get the leftover glue off the back.  If you don’t want to do that, in the tutorial I used they got it off by using Goo Gone, which is a cleaner that helps clean off sticky materials.

After that you want to  clean the container out to make sure there isn’t any powder from the mints in the container. Once it’s cleaned out you are going to want to take your drill and drill two holes into the side of your mint container. I recommend drilling them on the side over the area on the the mint container where it says “not to share”. You want to mark with a marker where your are going to drill to make sure your holes are equal.  Before you drill, you need to pick a drill size depending on the thickness of your key chain ring. Once you have done this you can start drilling in your holes. When you drill in your holes you want to drill at an angle to make your key chain ring go into the holes. Once the holes are drilled, I recommend before putting the key chain ring in, you should put the clip on it first. It is way easier that way. After this is done you can put the key chain ring through the holes.

After the key chain is in you can finally start decorating! I got a piece of scrap booking paper and the bottom of a small cup and traced a circle to go on the mint container. After I traced it, I cut it in half because off the openings on the mint container. Then I glued it onto the mint container with some Mod Podge, but you could probably use super glue if you wanted. Then I let it dry and it was done! It’s really cute and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Here is the link to the video I used:

Make an EARPHONE HOLDER…from a mint container (VIDEO included)


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