DIY Projects

           I chose DIY projects for my first genius hour. For those who do not know, DIY projects are do it yourself projects. Thus the name given for them is the acronym DIY.

           I chose to do DIY projects because they seem like they are really fun to do and I like making new things. I also like how each project is unique. Another reason I chose to do DIY projects is because they can be anything! They can range from small crafts to big furniture pieces and home improvements. I got interested in doing DIYs because I saw people on YouTube and HGTV doing them. I also liked how I could do something new all the time and not get bored because each project would be different. I like how DIY projects are personalized and really show the creator’s personality in each project. Like when I watch HGTV, I see how different designers do different things and make their own cool pieces without spending a boat load of money. In fact, on most of the HGTV shows, the realtor/designer team convince the buyer to get a run down cheaper house. In the episodes it shows all the work going into this big renovation, but at the end, the houses are beautiful and unique. It truly show how you make something from nothing. 

          This week for my DIY project I started with a small craft. I made a snowman out of a shaped brick using various paints.  I figured since my family was starting to put up Christmas decorations, that I could add a new one! Even though it was a very basic project, I had a lot of fun making it. To make the snowman, I had to paint the brick white and black and let it dry. After it was completely dry, I painted the snowman’s face and buttons. It looks very nice and I’m glad about how it turned out. I hope to do another project next week and when I have done so I will put up a another post. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post

This is a picture of a snowman similar to the one I made.